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Here’s a simple and powerful Airbnb calculator to explore your potential income and investment performance. Model projected revenue, Airbnb occupancy, length of stay, and the net impact of cleaning revenue and costs for your vacation rental property. Add the Airbnb host fee if you like. Enjoy!

Free Airbnb Calculator

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Airbnb Investment Calculator Instructions

Nights Available

Input the total number of nights that you expect your short term rental to be available to paying guests during the year. Exclude any nights you plan to use the Airbnb personally or let friends and family stay for free. Do be sure to include planned turnover and or cleaning holds.

Average Nightly Rate

If your nightly rate changes based on season, use a spreadsheet or offline calculator to calculate a weighted average nightly rate for the year. Keep in mind this is your average booking rate. It’s not the fully marked up rate that Airbnb charges the guest once their booking commissions are included.

Projected Occupancy

This the number of nights you expect paying guests to be in occupancy, divided by the total number of nights your Airbnb is available to be booked (by paying guests only). This can be a difficult variable to predict unless you have access to prior years’ data. You can also ask other local Airbnb hosts to share their results.

Average # Nights per Guest Stay

Even experienced Airbnb hosts sometimes don’t appreciate how the average length of guest stay impacts the bottom line. Longer stays are usually more profitable, but it largely depends on the differential between cleaning charges and actual costs. Use this slider to explore how this key variable impacts the total number of stays per year and your net Airbnb earnings.

Cleaning Charge per Airbnb Stay

If you charge your guests an extra fee per stay for cleaning, input the amount here. This is the fee paid by your guest, not the amount paid to your cleaner.

Actual Cost per Cleaning

This is where you key in your actual cost per cleaning. If your costs vary throughout the year, just input the rough average amount you pay your cleaning service each time they turn your Airbnb rental.

Include Airbnb 3% Host Fee?

If you click “Yes” here, the calculator will apply one final step to reveal your projected Airbnb income after all cleaning costs and the Airbnb host fee. Note that the host fee is typically 3%, which is what is modeled here. It can sometimes be higher if you have a Super Strict cancelation policy or are an Airbnb Plus host. If you also get bookings from VRBO or elsewhere, these fee structures vary. In that scenario, we recommend just leaving this option unchecked.

Read more about host fees for Airbnb and VRBO.

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