Quick RevPAR Calculator

The trusty RevPAR calculation is the gold standard in performance metrics used across the hotel industry. Use this handy RevPAR calculator to see how your Airbnb or other vacation rental property stacks up!

Just input the number of nights your short term rental was available, not the actual number of nights rented, and your total revenue (including cleaning and other fees) for the same time period.

Unlike many online calculators, we never store or save your inputs. It’s your data. We also will never share or sell your email address.

RevPAR is great for comparing results across time periods or different properties, even when your availability varies due to calendar blocks for personal use.

More About the RevPAR Calculator

Airbnb hosts like to brag to each other, and there’s nothing inherently wrong about some friendly competition. They’ll often talk about how much revenue they’re pulling in on a monthly or annual basis. Or they’ll mention how many units or properties they have scattered in various markets. But if you want to compare operational performance more precisely, you should use a calculated metric like RevPAR.

This RevPAR calculator effortlessly blends nightly rate and occupancy into a single calculation that says a lot about how successful a host is at renting out a given unit in a particular vacation rental market.

You can also calculate RevPAR by multiplying your average daily rate (ADR) by your occupancy percentage. But of course that only works if you compute these two figures first, which can be complicated if you use dynamic pricing or offer discounts.

Finally, note that RevPAR has nothing to do with profitability as it doesn’t take operating expenses or financing costs into account.

Learn more about RevPAR at Investopedia and Amadeus Hospitality.

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