What’s Rent Bumper?

The rental property landscape is dynamic. Rents are growing in some parts of the country and stagnating in others. Tenant expectations are evolving and some landlords are finding success with short term rentals. Local and state governments are flexing their regulatory muscles in unpredictable ways. Rent control is gaining a foothold on the coasts.

Uncertainty and change bring both risks and rewards. Rent Bumper will help make sure you end up on the right side of the equation.

Rent Bumper is an essential resource for rental property owners (long-term and vacation rental hosts), who are interested in building a business, a lifestyle, or even just a part-time muse.

There are two main components to Rent Bumper:

  • An active blog and archive of resources, calculators, and recommendations at: https://www.rentbumper.com
  • The Bump, our very occasional email newsletter

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Rent Bumper is Different

We don’t say things like, “we value your privacy,” and then act like we don’t. Instead, we extend genuine respect. You can read more about our unconventional approach in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Why So Few Pictures?

Pictures, videos, and obnoxious advertisements make websites slow. And slow websites make people angry and frustrated. Online advertisements also create the imperative for websites to collect increasingly invasive amounts of personal information from their audience. We do things a lot differently.

Rent Bumper is fast and direct. Get educated. Find the tools you need. Make changes to improve your business or side muse. Then get back those kids, that beach, or whatever it is that motivates you to become a more successful rental property investor!

Why No Post Comments?

We value precision and accuracy in our published posts and have purposefully disabled comments to keep myths, anecdotes, and shady self-promotion off of Rent Bumper. Time is a limited resource. We simply have no patience for spammy blog post comments and esoteric arguments between people hiding behind avatars. We much prefer to spend our time creating new original content you’ll use and enjoy.

Get in Touch With Us

If you think we got something wrong or have something to share with us, reach out by email: lordy(at)rentbumper(dot)com.